Wednesday, October 24, 2012

President Obama vs Mitt Romney: Final Debate

Two nights ago, President Obama faced off against Mitt Romney in their final debate focusing on foreign policy. While it was tad more civil this time around, plus it was a more focused sit-down debate akin to the Vice Presidential one; it was still pretty heated.
I think President Obama proved his best performance during the last debate. He held himself very well in foreign policy, and had an excellent comeback when Romney wondered why there weren't as many navy ships as there were in 1917. 
While I wouldn't deem his performance as "bad", this was certainly his weakest showing. He dropped the subject of what happened to the Libyan ambassador completely, and pretty much agreed with the President the rest of the time. Until he changed the subject and managed to turn it into a domestic-policy debate. Seriously, he ranted on about the economy at home, and took a verbal swing at teacher unions. 
But I doubt it was much of a game changer as far as the race goes. But I was pretty proud of my president, and I enjoyed the clever Mitt Romney jokes about "horses and bayonets" that followed after the debate was over. 


GC said...

Great commentary. :)

Teddi said...

i saw the end. they both held their own pretty well. simplified talking bullet points, & on day one i plan to, playing both sides etch a sketch from guess who

Riot Kitty said...

You're a better person than me - I haven't been able to watch any of these the whole way through (none of the first or last one.) But I am glad Obama came out swinging. The first time it sounded like he was asleep.