Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Photos: New Computer Desk And More

 I got a new computer desk a few weeks ago, but didn't have much free-time to put it together. So my girlfriend Daisy and I spent a good hour but I think we did a good job.
 I'm just glad I have a place to put my gigantic printer/scanner. 
 And before I realized it, Daisy put my nick-nacks back nice and neat. 
 I put my old desk out to the curb for trash pick-up, and it was gone by the next day... And it wasn't trash day. 
 I also got a new MP3 player to replace my old extra one that died. Daisy has my iPod, so I had to get a replacement so I can not listen to radio in the car. 
 We recently had our roof redone, and the same guys came back to put some paneling upon the back porch's ceiling. It looks great, until you notice some of it is bending out. 
And they didn't the common decency to pick up after themselves when they took down the old one. I had to get some gloves and drag the trash bin over. 


  1. So excited for you that you've got a nice little computer desk! I'm jealous since I would love a desk, but there isn't much room for one in the apartment.

  2. I like the comic book guys on your desk! Mine has a TARDIS, among other goodies.

  3. Cute figurines! I like your new computer desk. It's small and compact :D LOL @ it not being bin day! Our neighbours like to take what we leave out too. Sigh, what a dodgy job! What are you guys gonna do about your ceiling?

  4. Nice desk. Picking up the mess should be part of the job.

  5. I think you did a fine job. Nice desk, Adam.

  6. those repair guys never clean after themselves.... but it's nice that somebody obviously found some use of your old desk :)

  7. It's good to see your new computer rack! I'm planning to buy a new one because it's pretty worn out especially the keyboard tray and the rollers. I'm actually planning to buy something like that -- black and simple.

    Lance Vartanian