Monday, November 26, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Wraith (Halo)

 The Wraith is a Covenant tank in the Halo series. Basically the alien version of the Scorpion tank. It can sometimes be a danger in single-player, though it's not as dangerous as it might seem.
One of the reasons is the way it fire. It shoots a big fireball in the sky that falls like a thrown baseball. Which can be nice in a long-range assaults, but the straight-shot of the Scorpion tank is much more effective most of the time. Though I never pass up the chance to use a Wraith, it's still one of the best vehicle to use. 


  1. Oh, look! The latest in chick magnet vehicles. :D

  2. I SO want one!

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  3. long range attacks was always reliable