Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Halloween Stuff: Part 2

 This year Daisy and I both dressed up in costume and had some fun on Halloween.
 The night before Halloween, I was too tired to make a Jack-o-latern, so I just got a fake one. 
 Per Daisy's request, I also made some halloween cookies. 
 I was Luigi the last two years, and Daisy whined that I needed to be something different. So I was Spider-Man. 
 Daisy was Snow White, and the official Disney costume was the only version she was comfortable with if you know how Halloween costumes are made. 
 But I still work at my old job at the grocery store just a tiny bit to technically be there on paper, mainly so I could work their Halloween event. I took Daisy along, so she could enjoy it and take pictures. I couldn't wear a mask due to rules, but I think it worked out alright. This is my favorite photo. 
 But the event started shortly after we got there. Basically they just dim the lights and each department has a game and candy. Ours was throw the fake apples (real ones wouldn't last long) into the baskets. It's not too hard for most kids, except the real small ones. 
Out of all the kids that night, this was my favorite costume. He was Chewbecca! I wish my parents were awesome enough to get me a costume like that as a kid. There was also a little boy as Batman, and his dad was the Joker; they were pretty awesome. 


  1. haha sounds like a lot of fun giving spidey a run. He kind of looks like Stan Lee for sure, Spidey should be more greatful haha

  2. lol wicked spidey costume. i dont recall spidey ever being muscular though. always seen him as a lean type of guy. ps your background is giving me a seizure.

  3. i thought you were gonna be captain america? not like it matters, as long as you both had fun, & it looks like you did. my nephew was yoda a couple years ago, & skywalker this year.

    1. then I would of had to get the shield. Cheaper to be Peter Parker

  4. Awesome sauce! Daisy looks cute as Snow White, and love the Spidey costume:)

  5. Our Hero!

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  6. the pictures are awesome and fun!! You both are special LOL

  7. Chewbecca costume is pretty cool. you guys looked pretty awesome as well! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. Really good stuff especially Snow White!

  9. ooh, you certainly bulged up for the day, Adam :P