Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Metal Man (Mega Man)

 Metal Man is a robot master from the Mega Man series. He is the first robot-master fully designed by Dr. Wily himself.
 Despite throwing blades almost impossible to doge, he's one of the easiset fights in Mega Man 2. Even the plain megabuster shots do more damage with energy to spare. 
 After that you get his power; the metal blade. 
Which is decent, but ironically does more damage to Metal Man than any other boss...


  1. Nice!!! I am still nostalgic about Atari ;-)

  2. I remember he was pretty easy to beat.

  3. Gosh I havent seen this in a while.
    So many nice games out there to play.
    My youngest son is into Fifa and other sports games.
    They can compete with people around the world
    My first born son loved all the robotics games.
    Atari etc.. but it seems so long ago now.:)

  4. It's amazing how many video games there are now. I am half-Japanese and I love Atari etc.

  5. haha.... i think the only video games i was into was super mario brothers...


  6. an metal kid got a metal skills? well i still prefer elements