Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Look Into Video Games: Pokemon Trozei! (DS)

 Besides Mario, the Nintendo series with the most spin-offs is probably Pokemon. In 2006 Nintendo released Pokemon Trozei! a puzzle game for their new handheld.
 The game was a rather simple puzzle game. I guess you could say it was Zoo Keeper meets Meteos. You could slide the pokemon faces until you got a match of four in a row. Then you could link up smaller combos or get a big string of combinations by luck when the stacks fall in perfect place. 
The game met with pretty positive reviews, but never really took off like other puzzle games have. I rather regret missing out on it, but I think I was more interested in Meteos and Mario Kart DS at the time to give it a try. Oh well, perhaps one day.  

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MEcoy said...

i so love pokemon games all kinds of it