Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things I Like: Defender (Arcade)

 Back during the PS1 days I had Defender on some kind of retro arcade collection disc. While most of the games on it were rather lame, I did like playing Defender.
 Since it came out 8 years before I was born in 1980, it does look rather basic. The main point is to fly around in your space-ship shooting aliens and rescuing astronauts about to be abducted by UFOs. 
It's not the greatest game to be sure, and it's way too difficult but I like it. 


Tony Van Helsing said...

I remember trying to play Defender in the arcades when is first came out. I couldn't get used to the side scrolling. I was hopeless at it.

MEcoy said...

well i think it is quite an addictive game