Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Photos: Batman, Candy, and Breakfast for Lunch

 The other day I forgot my lunch at work, so I decided to check out Jack in the Box for the first time. It's been around for awhile, but I never see it too crowded. I heard they served breakfast all day, and being a vegetarian that kind of expands my options a little. I got a biscuit and some fries to see if they were any good and was slightly impressed. It was a lot better than the ones I sometimes get at Bojangles.
 As a kid I loved ICEEs and I gave one it's candy versions a try. I enjoyed a ice-cream version they made before, but this stuff was too sour. I ended up giving it to my fiancee Daisy. 
I also saw this Batman winter hat and tried it on. Ironically looked better than the halloween costume they had last year. Though I make a rather lame hero of Gotham City. 


  1. ha-ha about the hat and batman joke. i don't like sour candy either. real icee's are good though. i've heard jack in the box called jack in the crack or junk in the trunk. we have them all over in texas. we had them in california too.

  2. LOL the bad guys might give those strings a yank, better hide them when fighting crime

  3. well that candy seems interesting
    while that hat was awesomely cute