Tuesday, May 7, 2013

South Carolina 1st District Voters Choose Disgraced Governor Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford, the former Governor who had an affair with an Argentinian woman and lied about it has just won the special election congress race for South Carolina's 1st district. He defeated his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Colbert-Busch with numbers coming in roughly 54-45 percent.  Like Newt Gingrich in the SC Presidential Primary a mere year ago, it doesn't matter if you're evil, bad, or a hypocrite if you're trying to win an election. As long as you have a R next to your name then will do fine. Great job first district! Way to make my state look even dumber that it already is. 


MEcoy said...

well i hope he could be atleast faithful to his job

Villyne said...

Well yeah, if you have a D that means you're dumb (or a dick)