Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Favorite Photos: Bowling July 2013

 Daisy and I go bowling about once a month, and our trip in July was quite strange. The odd part is that we went on a monday at noon, and the place was very crowded.  There was two (maybe school) buses in the parking lot, so there were a chaotic group of children there as well.
 We got the very far left lane in the whole place. I don't really like it. Kinda messes with my aim with a wall to the left. So used to an endless number of lanes in both sides of my vision. 
 Daisy took no hesistation rushing to the snack bar. I got to her soon after bowling my first frame and she already had her large soda. 
 She ordered french fries as a snack (took her to subway for lunch later) and they were okay. A little plain but I can't complain. 
 Daisy did rather decent at bowling. But she was sadden by the fact that she never got a single strike in the two games we played. 
 I did really good at the first game. A rather slow start (trying to get my aim re-adjusted) but ended very well. 
The 2nd game I did a little better, but failed miserably in the last frame. The psychological factor of the last frame will haunt me for the rest of my days. 


  1. Happy Weekend, Adam!

    Many kisses,


  2. Have not done that in years. Doubt I could pick up one of the balls now. I like your new photo.

  3. I'm the world's worst bowler. I go maybe once a year. Maybe.

  4. i just missed bowling. We used to play bowling with friends.

  5. I haven't been bowling in so long!

  6. Bowling is really fun many times I dont!

  7. Bowling once a month? thats awesome
    we are planning for bowling sometime soon too.
    And the crispy fries look yum!

  8. sounds fun.. hope u had fun adam....

  9. I love bowling! I would actually love to have one of the last lanes. I always get stuck next to people who drive me insane, so the fewer people to deal with, the better in my book!

  10. well I have tried this once and it was
    really fun, i like it a lot and i manage
    to do a strike even once

  11. I really enjoy bowling. I'm not very good at it, but I have fun.

  12. dude, i bet you'll forget about your low score, sometime mr. silly. i imagine it was extremely noisy, and chaotic that day. i don't know if i would like bowling on the far lane either.