Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My 2013 Halloween Decorations

 With another year here, I decided to make my home feel a bit more like Halloween.
 I got my light-up ghosts from last year in the big widow, but for the small windows I got some covers. Like another ghost and his spider friend. 
 And two pumpkins on another. 
 The porch also some more stuff. 
 Already got my pumpkin this year. I also got an artificial one that glows in the dark on the left. 
And finally a seat cover that make it feel like Haloween on the inside as well. 


  1. I like the two pumpkins in the window. Coolness.

  2. Looking spooky! I love the pumpkin and skelly windsocks!

  3. Somehow the boo ghost isn't very scary haha nice job

  4. Cool decorations! Halloween is such a fun holiday.

  5. Seems like you're all set up now!

    Have a fantastic day,

  6. oh you are all ready, looks great!

  7. Super cool decorations Adam! I love it when people decorate for Halloween!

  8. Great ! I love your decorations Adam ! :)
    I love Halloween but in France, it is not a big party as in the United States (So sad...).
    Have a lot of fun the 31 October ! :)

  9. Oh what fun! I hope to see a lot of trick or treaters this year.