Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games #3: Super Mario Galaxy

 While Super Mario 64 is considered one of the best Nintendo games of all time, the sequel Super Mario Sunshine was not as adored as it's predecessor. I loved Sunshine, and I will even say I liked it more than Super Mario 64. Though the FLUDD water jetpack did make it a lot different than it's predecessor. I was ironically happy to see Super Mario Galaxy be a little more traditional.
 The game was more like Super Mario 64 except Mario could travel in outer-space (they never explain him not needing a space-suit) and travel on tiny planetoids but also larger areas as well. There were some new power-ups like Bee Mario but Mario had to rely more on platforming without the aid of a tool like the FLUDD from Sunshine. 
There were also some cool levels that were wacky and didn't make much sense with the "galaxy". It was a joy to play but it also provided some challenges for Mario fans. It still showed that after many decades Mario is only rivaled by few. 


Selvaggia Capizzi said...


DWei said...

The Wii-U one is pretty good too.

Unknown said...

I've completed both galaxies. They are the best Super Mario games ever. Haven't played the 3D World yet but I doubt if it will surpass them.

You've already ticked off a great title from top 1. I wonder if you will choose Galaxy 2 as no1 :)

Adam said...

due to Daisy taking my Wii for her house, I never got to finish Galaxy 2 I'm afraid