Wednesday, September 24, 2014

RV (2006 Film) Review

I do recall when RV was in theaters back in 2006. I wasn't interested, and critical opinion was less than stellar. But after Robin Williams passed away, I wanted to see most of his movies that I missed. RV was one of them, but is it better than I expected?
The story starts with Bob Munro being told by his boss that he can't take a vacation to Hawaii. So in order to not disappoint his wife, he gets an RV to take his family on vacation. He tells them that a mountain in Colorado would be even better than Hawaii. He doesn't tell them that going to Colorado is just because it's only the place he can go to his boss' meeting while on vacation. 
But Bob soon learns that his road trip will have many problems. His children have little respect for him, and constantly complain. Bob also can't drive the RV very well, and it will often roll away.The Munro family will meet the Gornicke family who they find more than strange. Especially when they keep crossing paths all the time to Colorado. 
Overall RV might be a little bit better than I expected, but it is certainly not Robin Williams' greatest movie. The beginning is pretty funny, but the farther it goes the less you will laugh. It's one of those movies where it doesn't do anything wrong, but nothing right either. I have to imagine that if Robin Williams wasn't in it, the film wouldn't have been funny at all.


  1. R.I.P. Robin Wiliams :-( Love that movie.


  2. I appreciated the movie more for its background and subtleties than the upfront humor
    it was a more political movie with a message than an outright comedy

  3. I've never seen this coz it did look kinda blah to me....I do love Robin so I might see it someday.
    And let me know how you like GoT when you watch the first season:D

  4. I enjoyed it for what it was, but yeah not his best

  5. I thought it was pretty funny. Maybe because several family members have had RVs.

  6. I remember seeing the commercials for it and never thought very highly. I'm still not sure it's my cup of tea, but thanks for the review!

  7. It was a good one to watch with the kids. Nothing special, but not horrible either.