Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Benchwarmers (2006 Film) Review

I vaguely remember when The Benchwarmers came out in 2006, but never went to the theaters to see it. It seemed rather stupid, and did really poorly critically. Though I do recall this being one of the first roles for Jon Heder after he became famous for the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Except yet again, they cast him as a socially-awkward loser/idiot.
The story begins with three friends who defend some social-reject kids from a team of little league bullies. They challenge them to a game even though they only have three players. Thanks to Gus being really good at baseball, they actually win. Which infuriates the guys who used to bully Gus' friends Richie and Clark when they were in school. They also happen to be relatives of the kids who were on the little league team.
Though they become very popular, and are convinced to start their own team to honor the kids who always sat on the bench at baseball games. Despite being outnumbered, they do well at a special tournament. However as the teams become more challenging, Gus will have to train Richie and Clark to be half-decent at baseball. 
Overall The Benchwarmers was a good bit better than I expected. The humor can be hilarious or it can just be downright childish jokes that aren't funny at all. The imbalanced laughs isn't that great for a comedy, but it at least got funnier as the movie progressed. While some silly comedies like Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore became memorable, I can see how this one became rather forgotten. 


  1. Yeah it was okay for a laugh here and there, but nothing memorable

  2. Such a good laugh!

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  3. Early Jon Heder! I have to admit the Rob Schneider factor scared me away from that one.

  4. O, yes..I did see this with one of the grandgirls...we liked it. :)

  5. Didn't see it ~ I enjoyed your review! Have a good one!

  6. I saw Napoleon DYnamite but never got around to seeing this one.

  7. I forgot all about this one! Guess it was one that wasn't memorable to me ;)