Monday, October 6, 2014

Marriage Equality Comes to Five States and Maybe More

Today the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeals from states who wanted to strike down marriage equality after federal judges ruled their previous restrictions to be unconstitutional. Since the ruling wasn't taken to a higher court, that means Indiana, Utah, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Virginia residents can now marry regardless if they are both of the same gender. But they could soon be followed by North Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, West Virginia, Wyoming, and my home-state of South Carolina. They are all apart of the same circuit appeals courts of the related states, so all them could see equality as soon as a few weeks or maybe sooner. 


  1. Whoop! Indiana finally got something right :)

  2. The sooner the better. The Constitution requires that everyone be treated the same. Personally, I believe marriage to be a religious sacrament and the State should have nothing to do with it. All the government should be concerned with are civil unions that treat all taxpayers the same.