Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Never Ask Rep. Don Young To Speak to Your School

It isn't uncommon for schools to ask politicians to give speeches to their students, and typically most understand that they try to teach kids about government not political philosophy. Well Congressman Don Young (R-AK) apparently started using curse words during his speech, and started taking about two bulls mating when a question about marriage equality was asked. Then he makes an insensitive comment's about a student's recent suicide, which is even worse considering Alaska has many citizens who struggle with depression.  Young has been Alaska's only congressman since 1973, and I'd say it's time for him to retire or resign. 


  1. This is a teacher's nightmare ~ to have someone show up and shower her kiddos with inappropriate language and insensitive perspectives. You would think a Congressman would be more savvy. One should never joke about suicide!

  2. Very inappropriate and rude. Sounds like a nasty old man that really does need to retire!