Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Senator Thom Tillis Thinks Food Workers Should Not Have to Wash Their Hands

Republican Thom Tillis defeated Kay Hagan in one of the closest elections last year for U.S. Senate. One of Tillis first notable comments as a senator shows that, maybe he wasn't the best choice. He recently told a group that places should be able to "opt-out" of making their employees wash their hands. He said the "market" would fix the problem, not government regulations, but to be honest I've seen some rather awful restaurants. I recently took my fiancee to a hot dog/burger place, and while waiting for our food I took a look around and realized that I had made a mistake. If they "opted out" I would of told them to keep the food. 


  1. Opt-out of making employees wash their hands? Wow...

  2. Shouldn't your Headline be "Senator Thom Tillis Thinks Food Workers Should (NOT) Have to Wash Their Hands? I know he's trying to make a point here about letting the market decide these things, but this is an absurd notion.

  3. Gross. Remind me to never go to dinner at his house!

  4. I agree. It is also a good portret.


  5. Well, with the employees only having a sign in the bathroom "WORKERS MUST WASH HANDS BEFORE RETURNING TO WORK", who knows if they wash or not.
    GROSS...makes one think twice before eating out. I like to eat where I can see them wearing gloves while handling my food....SUBWAY gets a lot of our business..:)