Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fact of the Day: Jellyfish Lake

In the Republic of Palau, there is a body of water known as Jellyfish Lake. At any given time, there are millions of jellyfish inside its waters. Luckily for humans, the species of jellyfish that live there don't have powerful enough stings to cause much harm. 


  1. least they are not dangerous enough for us. Kisses:)

  2. It might be interesting to swim with jellyfish as long as they can't hurt you.

  3. With millions of them I'd still steer clear

  4. Powerful or not, I won't be swimming there. Bleh. That's millions of jelly fish worth of poop!

  5. Jellyfish Lake, Dead's a wonder people swim.

  6. I actually remember this on an episode of Survivor. Amazing!

  7. Would love to see it when it's filled with the jellyfish. Can we take a road trip, Adam??

    1. It would be a rather interesting "road trip".
      Palau is in the Marianas - a Microneasian island.
      Scene of some of the most fierce battles of the
      Pacific WW2 campaign.
      Haven't you heard of the "Turkey Shoot"???
      I think you need an atlas and a history book.
      It is an overseas possession of the US
      and has representatives in your Congress and Senate!
      Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  8. I've heard of this lake and seen pictures of people swimming with these jellyfish. I'd so do that!

  9. I would prefer to just watch and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  10. That must be quite a sight!


  11. I'd like to see it but not get in it...:)
    On a family cruise a few yrs ago, we did swim with Sting Rays and it was sooooo scary..I barely got in, touched one, and jumped back on the boat. :)