Saturday, April 4, 2015

Funny Story: Half Italian

I once worked with a girl who said she was half-Italian. I heard her talking to some other girl about the guy she was dating. She said "yeah I'm half-Italian and he's half-Italian, so if we have a kid it will be full-Italian". You know I don't know what subject she got wrong more, math or science?


  1. Both of them, actually. But I love Italians and think everyone should have a bit of Italian blood in them.

  2. I agree with Stephen, we all need a little bit of Italian blood in us. I'm a sucker for Italy even though I have no direct relation to the country. It's just a never-ending love story, me and Italy. Thanks for stopping by my blog Adam!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  3. Hahaha....her kind of math is what makes the world a better place:D

  4. Okay, I am half Italian and so is my I cracked up when I read this. Although I have to admit, I DO think the Italian side is a bit more dominant than the other half!! It seems to want to just take over. :)

  5. Bloody hilarious! No Science or Maths with this one.
    Sadly 'common sense' is lacking.
    I hope her job was of no importance - I think the tea or
    coffee girl might have been as high up the ladder as she
    would get!
    You sure come up with some "TRIVIA beauties", Adam.

  6. I'm zero Italian, but have a very Italian last name that I was not born with.

  7. I am agree with Huggybear for the absence of common sense ! Very funny !
    My grandfather was Italian :)

  8. And we wonder what's wrong with our education system.