Friday, April 17, 2015

My Favorite Photos: Baseball at the Carnival

 For the last two years we've been to the local carnival, we never saw the baseball throw game. I at first though this one was the one where you guess the speed of your final throw. But no, you're graded on how fast you throw it.
Men have to throw at least 56 mph to get the prize that isn't the smallest. I tried twice to get even close, and I made it at 54 mph. So I now have two baseball bats, which I plan to give to my two little nephews. 


  1. I'm sure your nephews will like that.

  2. Adam!
    Either you are small is statue or that bat is huge???
    How in hell's name will your nephews be able to swing those
    sized bats???
    Or have you used trick photography?

    Baseball is only a minor sport here in Australia,
    but when the grand final is on, the bars that cater for
    backpackers and younger tourists are at bursting point
    with extremely loud young American baseball "fanatics".
    Same with the basketball and footballs finals.
    Everyone seems to have tons of fun - Americans, Australians
    and others from other countries - quite a time honoured ritual
    these days.

  3. Interesting game, looks like you had a great time.

  4. Never saw that but It's a guy thing. I can't even throw a ball. LOL

  5. So cool--and you have bats to show for it.

  6. ahhh, they will LOVE those bats...especially 'cause you won them. :)

  7. What fun! I'm sure your nephews will be thrilled.

  8. They have those "speed pitch" things at the baseball stadiums.