Friday, June 19, 2015

Fact of the Day: Rio Portugal

In 1807 the Napoleonic Wars were not looking too great for Portugal. Queen Maria I and the royal family fled Lisbon days before French forces invaded. They traveled all the way to Brazil, where the capital of Portugal was no longer in Portugal. The royal family ruled in Rio de Janeiro rather than Lisbon until 1821.


  1. Queen Maria 1 is an interesting person.
    She was referred to as Maria, the Pious in Portugal
    and Maria, the Mad in Brazil.
    She suffered from the same disease (porphyria) as George 111 of England, whom
    Americans should be well aware of.
    However historians in both Portugal and Brazil hold her in high esteem.
    Her history is well worth reading.
    Good "Fact of the Day", Adam - well done.
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

  2. i love royal stories! :)
    anyway, adam, is your wife a Filipina? I've been curious for so long. hehe. :)

  3. you see, he brutally conquered and invaded all Europe and still nobody considers him the biggest dictator or villain of all times.... Care to guess why?

    1. Dezmond !!
      I thought this fact of the day was on Queen Maria of Portugal - not on Emperor Napoleon.
      Anyhow the Napoleonic laws still remain laws in France, so he wasn't all that naughty.

  4. She sure traveled a long way, good thing to do to avoid any war

  5. Very interesting, Adam! thanks for the information. It was utterly new for me. Kisses:)
    I totally agree with you about the fact we are very picky when we look for a swimming suit,eheheh.

  6. I knew this as part of my Portuguese heratige