Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fact of the Day: Taipang Rebellion

The Taipang Rebellion was a civil war in Southern China in the years 1850-1864. The war cost the world 20 million lives, the vast majority of whom were civilians not soldiers. At the time, the world lost about a tenth of its population in the Taipang Rebellion. 


  1. How horrible. I never even heard of that war. I don't remember learning about it in school either.

  2. No surprise that this war was not taught in history in US schools.
    It didn't happen in the USA, nor was the US involved!!!!!
    Interesting to know that Mao Zedong glorified this war and the heroic
    revolutionaries against a corrupt feudal monarchy.
    I really don't think too much has really changed these days in the P.R.C.
    Corruption of the ruling elite still reigns supreme.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  3. I've never heard of this. 20 million lives???? That's incredible!

  4. about the same number that Belgian king Leopold killed down in Kongo when he started enslaving the people down there and mutilating them too.....

    1. I think Dezmond you are stretching that one to the extremes.
      The Congo wouldn't have had that many people at any time.
      Only about 17 million these days and I might add that when
      Independence came - so did tribal animosities arise and the
      leaders of the ruling party had quite a "field day" with those
      they didn't like.
      I think stick to facts, mate, not sensationalism and hysteria.
      Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  5. 20 million...that's insane, how awful.

  6. my gosh, thats incredible,, I never knew that,

    Daisy has a beautiful smile in the photo in the previous post, I love pizza as well!

  7. Wow I never knew this, how awful.

  8. Wow. And I never even knew about that.


  9. That is horrific. I truly had no idea it even happened.

  10. I had no idea the death toll was that high.