Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dentist From Minnesota Killed a Lion

A man named Walter J. Palmer recently was discovered to be the man who murdered a popular lion named Cecil from the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.  He apparently lured the lion out of the park (due to the help of the crooked people who work at the park) and shot the lion with a bow and arrow. Turns out that Palmer is a dentist from Minnesota and this is not the first he's hunted larger animals for entertainment. I can understand hunting for food even as a vegetarian, but hunting animals for fun and especially protected and cherished animals is downright evil. 


  1. We saw this online. Horrible bastard. What a waste of a brilliant creature. the guy is a grade-A Wank-turd-fuck.

  2. I am so disgusted and angry!

  3. I hope that the authorities yanked out all his teeth with rotten, dung affected
    "B J Hunnicut"

  4. I just saw this on TV today. They said he wounded him and then hunted him down for 40 hours or something like that. They also said it was like killing Lassie because this lion was so well loved. It's pitiful!

    1. Kay
      This story with a photo of the grinning dentist with his "trophy"
      is being shown on TV here today.
      I hope he enjoys his "moment of ignominy" because I'm bloody sure
      he has pulled his last tooth anywhere in the World.
      Colin aka B.J Hunnicut (Brisbane, Australia)

  5. Hope Cecil's ghost will haunt him and his family in next thousand years.
    Bullet to the brain is what I'd do to all hunters

  6. Should lock that arsehole away in the zoo and throw away the key

  7. This angered me so much when I found out about it that it left me ill. The bastard. The story has circulated around the world and the internet has exploded with rage. There isn't enough room for on this planet - this universe - for this murderous, cruel and cowardly bastard to hide right now. He is such a hated man. Bastard. UGH!

  8. I've been hearing about this for days and it just makes me so sad that he would do this. I'm glad everyone knows his name and hope he never gets any business at his dentist office.

  9. This was just terrible. I'd never go to a dentist that shot innocent animals.

  10. This makes me so sad! He was such a beautiful creature. That dentist is a real prick!

  11. What a magnificent beast he was...and well loved.
    Such a pity......