Saturday, July 11, 2015

Merlin (TV Series) Season Four Review

 I started watching the TV series Merlin not long ago, and I'm already done with the fourth season. It may not be the greatest TV show I've ever seen, but Daisy and I have enjoyed it very much. The story of King Arthur has many variations, but this one features a younger cast of characters especially for the wizard Merlin.
 The season begins awhile after Morgana's defeat. After learning Morgana's true nature King Uther is a broken man, which leaves Arthur to take on more duties. Arthur's maternal uncle Agravaine comes to Camelot to help out his nephew. But Merlin and Gaius learn that he may not be Arthur's best adviser. 
 Morgana has survived and fled to a safe haven. She schemes with many forces of evil to take back Camelot's throne. Her best ally is one very close to Arthur, but she'll use magic to bewitch those who are still loyal to the young monarch. She's terribly worried about the wizard Emrys who is suppose to be her downfall, though she has no clue that the wizard is actually Merlin.  
Overall I'd say season four is about as good as the previous three seasons. I think what's really holding back the series is Merlin not getting many new and more powerful magic spells. This is the one where Arthur finally becomes King, and I'm really thankful Uther is gone. Now there's just one season left for my wife and I to finish.

Score: B+


  1. I haven't seen this since the beginning of the series.

  2. can't remember any more what was in season four but I know it got more frustrating since they kept refusing to give Merlin powers and move the show ahead. The last season is the worst one especially the ending