Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sad Story: JROTC Battalion Commander

At my high-school I was in the Army JROTC class, and every Friday we had P.T. which was like gym but way tougher. The toughest P.T. was the first, and that was not because of the lack of experience. We actually had a 9th Grade Campus, so our battalion commander came down from the "big school" to instruct us on our first Physical Training class.
His last name was Woodard, and he really thought he was some kind of Army drill sergeant. We were fresh out of middle school, and I never felt so much pain doing exercise in my life. The smug jerk even taunted me with "having trouble muffin?". At least two people threw-up, and so many parents complain the next day that nobody from the "big school" led P.T. class ever again. 


Emmylou said...

Really?!?! Maybe, he did think he did think he was training soldiers in the army! :P

Sharon said...

Oh wow, he must have thought he was training actual soldiers in the army!

Huggybear said...

Pretty weak people to complain!
Looks like the "mamby-pamby" brigade won????
I loved my years in the school cadet corp.
Training at military camps was so much fun and
the food was better than the food at boarding college.
Being out in the open - living in army tents, participating
in military drills and day and night exercises, firing ranges.
War games against other colleges was a real challenge for both
sides with military judges deciding which college won the "Battle".

No bloody i-pads and such gadgets to "amuse" us in such mundane ways
in those days.
B J Hunnicut M.A.S.H 4077

Sandra Cox said...

Yikes! Not where he needed to be.

stephen Hayes said...

Sounds brutal!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What's the point of brutalizing kids?

John M said...

Sounds very difficult.

John M said...

Sounds very difficult.

Stephanie Faris said...

Yeah, I think that may be a little much for that age group!

Christine said...

how awful for you all!

Huggybear said...

Well you sure got the "Sympathy Brigade" alight.
Just exactly what happened that was such bastardry at
a P.T. class besides being called a "troubled muffin"?
With so many guns available for all and sundry in the USA,
it's a wonder the P.T. teacher wasn't shot by a disgruntled
Little Radar Riley of the M.A.S.H 4077 and his little pet rabbit!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Sounds terrible. I wonder why the school had this going on?

bj said...

awww, Adam....sorry he was so rough. No need to put children thru such rough stuff.
And, it was all just to show what a big, tuff man HE was. Just another "it's all about me" case. Good for the parents that complained...put a stop to that kind of treatment.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Sounds like he was on a power trip!