Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fact of the Day: Huxley Birds

Thomas Henry Huxley became famous for being one of the first notable individuals who studied evolutionary biology after Charles Darwin's work was published. He proposed that birds had evolved from a type of dinosaur. Which later proved to be true.  


  1. I find it very cool that birds are dino descendants:D

  2. Funny that the theories of Charles Darwin and probably this fellow
    were banned in some US states by the people of the so-called Christian right.
    The bible theory or lovely fanciful story that the Lord made the world in 7 days was
    fact. Well the bible said so.
    Hmmm - I must try to recall the names of those backward states.
    Maybe two of them might start with T ???????????
    B J Hunnicut of M A S H 4077
    I wonder what good old Hawkeye might have to say on this???

  3. At first I didn't believe it but proofs are undeniable. And recently they found a fossil of a dinosaur that looks so much like a bird. He's amazing.

  4. Maybe it's not so far fetched when they say, " When pigs fly."

  5. Some of the most crazy theories, or those that seem to be at the time, sure can turn out to be true

  6. Yep. We now accept as fact that dinosaurs didn't go extinct. They got smaller and took to the skies.

  7. Hey, Adam! I've been catching up on your recent posts. The one of Frozen Miss K was definitely my favorite, closely followed by the ones of Daisy and you. How can anyone resist such a sweet little girl? And you and Daisy seem to be thriving on married life. Lots of fun facts. I was volunteering in Denver's Museum of Nature and Science some years back, and everyone was debating the dinosaurs evolving to birds theory. It was great fun. I saw the famous archaeopteryx fossil at the British Museum last summer, and it gave me chills of delight. To see those beautiful feathers etched in stone was a highlight of my life ~ I feel extra happy now when I see birds because I'm certain they come from dinosaurs. Have a good one!

  8. Thanks for the fun lessons. I didn't know this.

    Happy almost weekend.