Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Favorite Photos: Beacon Golf

While at our city's new min-golf course, I noticed the hole based on the local Beacon restaurant. I never cared for the restaurant personally as the food never amazed me and it becomes the place where all the Republican presidential hopefuls go to campaign when in Spartanburg. The hole itself was rather basic, Daisy and I had a difficult time with it though. 


  1. Well, sir, being Republican, I would dearly love to be at the Beacon when some of the hopefuls came in. Yes, sir....I surely would.

    1. I thought Beacons were signs of life.
      How come Republicans then go to such a restaurant???
      B J Hunnicut and associates of the M A S H 4077

  2. I've never eaten there, or heard of the place.

  3. Cool that they included local attractions in their course!