Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Silly Story: Animal Stop

Recently I was driving home late at night, and I see this animal run across the road. I think it's a cat, and I hit my brakes to let it pass. If I didn't stop it would have been hit probably as it froze and looked straight at my car. I could see clearly it was a possum, and it ran to the other side of the road. I think possums are very digusting creatures, but I'm glad it survived. 


  1. Ahw! Glad that he survived!


  2. My in-laws saw a possum do the same thing with several babies on its back. They like possums, just don't want to get too close and made sure they got over the road safely.

  3. I love them. When I Iived with my grandma when I was 12, we had possums that would run along the back fence.

  4. Possums!!! Yes they can cause much chaos in vegetable gardens and orchards,
    but they make great pets, if you come across an orphaned one.
    Way back in the 1950's we had an orphaned baby possum as a pet - called
    "Poi Poi" - she as it turned out - slept in a sock, bottled fed and to watch them eat
    would put most humans to shame. They are such delicate eaters.
    Poi Poi's main offence was when she ran up your legs - wow did that hurt from the claws.
    When she was fully grown, she was released back into the bushlands.
    A long way from our farm ( cattle property) - just in case she did a "Lassie come home" stunt.
    Ah those were the days, Adam, they are really loveable pets, except for running up bare legs - ha ha!
    B J Hunnicut of the M A S H 4077.
    PS: Just imagine Radar O'Reilly with a pet possum in Korea!!!

  5. I love possums. I think they're maligned because they are really ugly. My friend who does wildlife rehab had one that was best friends with her dog. They're gentle souls.

  6. I think they are so ugly, they are cute. But I think they are the ones that are stealing my tomatoes late at night!

    1. Ugly and cute??? Strange combination of adjectives.
      Wild animals do eat and uncovered tomatoes would be
      an easy source of food supply.
      Has it crossed your mind (??) to cover your precious tomatoes
      with wire fencing???
      Just a thought.
      B J Hunnicut, Radar O'Reilly, Hawkeye Pierce and the rest of the cast.
      No charge for this rather obvious information.

  7. They are unpleasant looking, I'll admit, but I suppose they have the same right to live that we do. And they've probably been on this earth a lot longer than humans.

  8. I love sweet little possums... they're ever so delightful and cute

  9. I only see them as road kill...sorry to be a downer.

  10. Possums can be very aggressive and protective and give you a good bite.

  11. Possums can be very aggressive and protective and give you a good bite.