Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fact of the Day: Sylvester Graham

Reverend Sylvester Graham was most famous for his invention of the graham cracker. The Presbyterian minister made it less because of making something good to eat, but came up with it in a philosophy of a diet of healthy food that he thought could lead people away from impure thoughts.  


  1. I would NEVER have associated a cracker with "impure thoughts"!!!
    I have heard jokes as to where you can shove a cracker.
    I wonder was the good Reverend thinking of that???
    Really hilarious Adam for a "fact of the day".
    B J Hunnicut

  2. never knew why it was called graham... we use it for whole wheat bread too

  3. I don't think humans can ever be stopped having "impure thoughts"... :-)


  4. I might have associated chocolate with impure thoughts, but not graham crackers...oh wait! Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate? Um, purely delicious!

  5. Well they don't cause me impure thoughts, I have them anyway lol

  6. It works; I don't think I've ever had an impure thought while eating a Graham cracker. Before and after, yes, but never while eating it.