Friday, September 25, 2015

Fact of the Day: Welfare Myth

Despite claims from conservative Americans, illegal immigrants do not get welfare benefits in the United States. Legal immigrants have a five-year waiting period before even they can get any kind of welfare. Children of immigrants born in the United States can get welfare like SNAP (food stamps) and Medicaid because they are U.S. citizens via the 14th amendment. 


Huggybear said...

Legal immigrants or refugees get a better deal here in Australia.
Unfortunately some of them who have never had much money don't try too hard to
get a job.
Illegal ones or the boat people are sent off shore now to camps to be processed and then re-located to some other country. We have at last clapped down hard on those who try to get in by "the back door".
Presently we are "looking at" accepting 12,000 of these refugees now flooding Europe.
But they must have a genuine case for acceptance here. Sounds perhaps harsh, but we have no intention of opening the flood gates - Europe is finding that far more are
arriving than they can cope with.
BJ of Dallas - I have answered your question and given you a link to see.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin.

Huggybear said...

For BJ of Dallas, TX.,_Hunters_Hill
From this site you can get other information on my early education: fees, photos, academia, etc etc.
I attended this college from the age of 12 to 17.
It was a full day or night train trip from Moree to Sydney.

DEZMOND said...

it is really horrible, Hungarians feed poor migrants like they're animals in a Zoo, throwing food over the fence. Croats are beating them like they're animals too. I really can't believe the level of fascism in today's world.
Then again, I know that in UK, emigrants get such high benefits that many of them continue to live on it without even trying to find a job. And not just emigrants.

DEZMOND said...

And to make things worse Europe wants to send them all back to Serbia, the only country which hasn't closed its borders... I've no idea how are we to cope with hundreds of thousands of them as poor as we are. Especially since we aren't the ones who caused the problems at the Middle East and since we already accepted around 700,000 refuges from the Ex Yugoslavia war.

Huggybear said...

A good question to ask - what are the Arab oil rich countries doing?
Where are offers from Russia and China?
It is also mooted that of all these young men - one in 20 could be a
"sleeper" ISIL member.
History would be repeated - the Muslim world once tried an invasion of Europe
way back in the Middle Ages and some countries eg: Hungary have long memories.
I can't see what Fascism has to do with it at all. What will happen and I think Germany has now realised that nationalism may raise its head. Germany is the linchpin in all this - where in hell's name are they going to accommodate and pay for 800,000?????????????? Angela Merkel should have thought better before becoming so benevolent.
It is a bloody nightmare - and the great USA - thinking about 10,000 selected ones!!! What happened to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour, eh?
B J Hunnicut (Colin)

Pat Hatt said...

Never thought about it before, assumed kids born there got it if needed though.

Martha said...

A reminder that you shouldn't simply believe whatever you hear.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Martha makes a good point. There's so much BS spewed about immigrants, legal or illegal.

Christine said...

Good facts to publish Adam.

bj said...

What a beautiful college. So many activities must have been a great place to grow up. I'm sure you had many friends and, hopefully, have been able to stay in touch with a few.. I knew before reading this site that you were very well educated. You seem to know a lot about many things. Believe it or not, I've learned several things from you.
I thank you for taking the time to give us this link.
You should think about starting a could be fun for you and very informative for us...there's a lot of things about your Australia that we don't know. I know we don't always agree on Depp....LOL
Now, don't go getting all mad....I don't care anything about his personal life...just like him because he is a damn fine actor. haha

stephen Hayes said...

So many people are misguided about these important facts. I blame FOX News.

Theresa Mahoney said...

Ah, but once they do get on it, do they really want to get off? Our country passes out freebies like candy, so why should they? I have 3 siblings that take full advantage of the system. All able bodied but since the government gives them so much, why should they provide for themselves? The system isn't broke, it's damn near to the point of being ruined.

Huggybear said...

Well 100% for being honest, Theresa.
Hopefully you may be able to talk some sense of responsibility into them??
Here at last these bludgers are in for some nasty shocks and not before time.
They have to show that they are searching for work and have interview papers
available for inspection. The cost to the taxpayers for these lazy creatures is astronomical.
B J Hunnicut (Colin) Brisbane Australia.

DEZMOND said...

I don't think those refuges wanna go to Arabia, they want to escape the lack of freedoms. And why Russia and China? The refuges should be accepted by the countries who causes the whole problem by constantly invading and leading wars at the Middle East and those would be USA and Western European powers. No refugee would go to the other side of the world in China, which is a rather poor country itself. And Russia is the one who is helping Asad fight ISIS not supporting ISIS like USA did a year or so ago when they were attacking Asad. Not to mention that Russia already has millions of refuges from Ukraine and other bordering countries. And Russia is sending planes against ISIS, by the way.

I understand the fright from terrorists hidden among the refugees, but I live at the border with Hungary, our city is filled with Syrian migrants, and if you ever saw those lil' kids hungry, dirty, sleeping on the pavements while waiting for trains and then getting beaten by Hungarian police, you would not really see them as terrorists but as poor people trying to save their very lives with nothing but a rucksack on their backs.

Fascism is something you would understand if you lived here. You would know what countries always have a very strong tendency for it. And what countries have always been on the side of evil throughout history and they still behave evil instead of humane.

Huggybear said...


Then if China is so poor - how come it has so many billionaires who are buying up real estate all over the world?
The P R C would give money to the countries that are now TRYING to accommodate these "refugees".
And with all due respect Serbia complaining about Hungary - well isn't that a case of the "Pot calling the kettle Black".
Serbia is hardly after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia a paragon of virtue in terrorist activities and war crimes.
As for Putin's Russia, kindly don't lecture us. He is only supporting his ally the dictator, Bashar al Assad. Not the nicest of men in the world as a matter of fact his hands are covered with the blood of thousands of his countrymen - thus the refugee business.
B J Hunnicut