Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Favorite Photos: Zach's JROTC Success

Both my brothers Brandon and Zach and myself were in our high school's JROTC program. Zach did quite well from 9th grade to 12th in JROTC. I didn't take it my final year as I was fed up on how unethical (for high school) cadet leadership could be. Zach was not innocent of how mean and terrible the upper cadets could be, but he sure got a lot of awards. I was never happy for him because of that, but looking at this over a decade later I did realize how proud my mother was of him. 


  1. Lovely photo of a very proud mother with her son.
    I was in what we have here the school cadet corp and I have
    no recollection at all of what you call "upper cadets" and we called
    C.U.O's of being unethical or mean. The training army officers would
    have put a quick stop to any of that self-appointed nonsense!
    The yearly training time at army bases was the highlight of the year - living
    in tents, range firing and patrols in the bush etc etc.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  2. Your mother does look proud, but I have no doubt that she's also proud of you.

  3. Like Christine said, moms tend to be very proud!

  4. Good for him for doing so well! Your mom should be proud :)