Thursday, October 1, 2015

My September 2015 Favorites

September seemed like it flew by. I also didn't realize that I watched very few movies. It seemed that all my wife Daisy and I watched were TV shows. But that's not necessarily a bad thing I will say.
Favorite Film: Crocodile Dundee II
I didn't expect Crocodile Dundee II to be my favorite movie of the month, but then again I watched very few movies. I did think it was a good sequel to a good movie. It's a little less original, but it's hard to hate a story like this. 

Favorite Video Game: Mario Kart 8
Mario Kart has been a favorite of mine since I was little kid. The new one wasn't as great as I hoped, but I did think it was a good game. There could have been more tracks, better online modes, and some more originality but it's still a very fun game. 

Favorite TV Show: Downton Abbey 
My wife and I really like Downton Abbey. We just finished season four and it's hard to believe we only have two seasons left. I believe the sixth season isn't even finished on TV yet. It's a great show showing the best and worst of the British aristocratic culture through the Earl of Grantham and his family, and the lives of their servants. 


  1. I've started watching some of the new shows out and the ones I like so far are Limitless, Code Black and Quantico.

  2. Hi Adam! I enjoyed the end-of-the-month review of your favorite things. I've only seen two movies this month, with IMAX, on Galapagos and Gold Rushes. both were awesome. I've only played a few games, cribbage and solitaire, and our favorite show has been Survivor. Of course, we are traveling, so that crimps our style a little. Happy October to you and Daisy!

  3. Still haven't played Mario Kart 8, last one I played was for gamecube I think

  4. Crocodile Dundee II is a fun movie. I'd watch it again.

  5. Saw the first one but not this one....

  6. I don't think Downton Abbey starts airing on PBS until January? I'll be sad when it's all over.