Monday, November 23, 2015

Fact of the Day: Royal Democracy

During the reign of George I, the British throne lost the vast majority of its real power in favor of a cabinet government and a Prime Minister. 


  1. George 1 was the first of the Hanoverian monarchs of England and I don't suppose his literacy of English was all that brilliant. German was the second language, probably the first language of the monarchs up to and including Queen Victoria. The present Queen is quite fluent in German.
    It was in this reign of George 1 that cabinet government under the leadership of Sir Robert Walpole evolved.
    It is an interesting period for historical "buffs" of English history, the period when the USA came into being as a sovereign nation.
    B J Hunnicut

  2. I understand he didn't speak any English.

  3. I don't think George minded all that much. From the looks of it, he was too busy sticking his hand down his pants.

  4. Wel, that is interesting!


  5. Adam
    Some or most of your readers, have no bloody idea.
    Jesus Christ - my sincere sympathy to the "Bible Belt" of the USA.
    In 1714 - parliaments were not heard of - have you ever heard of
    Autarchy???? Which is absolute sovereignty??
    We had it again in the Hitler/Stalin era and now have tin-pot dictators in Africa and the Middle East still existing.
    Makes me sick - Democracy ????? Depends with a certain country who has OIL???

    Your comment Al - really???? Why make a F*&K#*G fool of yourself???
    Oh yes - forgive me - Texas was built on oil??
    The Texan Longhorn Cattle didn't really bring in too much capital.
    Just remember Texas you "murdered" a good President.
    B J Hunnicut