Sunday, November 8, 2015

Michele Bachmann Wants Christian Conversions of Jewish People

Michele Bachmann is known for opinions that go from typical conservative rants to downright insanity. So I'm not surprised she's getting back into the news by calling for mass conversions of people to Christianity, where she puts a heavy emphasis on converting those of the Jewish faith. I never really believe conservative Christians when they say they support Israel as they just share a common enemy. I have a minor amount Jewish ancestry, and I have zero tolerance for antisemitism of any kind. 


Huggybear said...

Adam !!!
This person is an utter "fruit loop case".
I have just read the above - read at your scary peril!

I can't believe that such a person could be considered a Presidential "REMOTE"
possibility by the Republican Party.
Saying that the "loony Tea Party" represents 100% of the views of American voting
age is just unbelievable. Bloody Sarah Palin was unaware that Hawaii was a state of the Union! Senator McCain must have had a type of post military "distress" or some other disorder from his period of being a POW in the "Hanoi Hilton" prison when he selected that creature for his running mate.
It may be of interest that right up to Dec 7th 1941 - the Attack on Pearl Harbour,
Wall Street bankers were still doing deals with Herr Adolf Hitler.

For Christ's sake - leave the bloody bible out of politics and the beliefs of the "Quran or Koran - take your pick", or Buddhism or any other following. The Bible if true was supposedly written by illiterate fishmen - the so-called Apostles!!!!
Plus the new testament with writings of a St.Paul who had some strange conversion on the road to Damascus?????
You need a positive President who keeps his/her religion for Sunday services ONLY.
The other six days of the week concentrate on good politics for the benefit for all of YOUR nation.
Oh by the way I am a Catholic and religion does not enter my head when I vote.
I vote for sense and responsibility not religion.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Bethany Carson said...

A lot of Christians believe the Jews are God's chosen people. Many who believe this are very interested in seeing the Jews converted to Christianity (or Messianic Judaism) because they believe God will do a special work through His people, the Jews, at the end of time, and that they are the most powerful evangelists, etc. Far from being anti-semitic, these Christians think the Jews are in a sense superior to everyone else. I don't know where Bachmann is coming from, but I would not be surprised, considering her statement about wanting to convert Jews, if she were from a similar school of thought.

I personally think a person's race doesn't make him or her any better or worse than anyone else.

Martha said...

This is interesting.

DEZMOND said...

I will say what everybody thinks - what a crazy BIATCH she is.

bj said...

Hey, Adam...hope you and Daisy are doing good....

Theresa Mahoney said...

Well said, Dezzy!