Friday, November 20, 2015

My Favorite Photos: Wade Hampton Lanes

 Wade Hampton Lanes is a typical bowling place in Taylors, SC. Taylors is a small town next to a small city called Greenville. My wife wanted to go to the mall in Greenville, but we figured we'd go bowling first to make the drive seem shorter.
 The lanes were just like the ones we have in Spartanburg. Daisy did pretty well that day as she was able to beat me in both games. She was pretty happy about it. 
While I like going to new places (though new only to us) I always have to get re-adjusted to a new place when I bowl. The first game I usually do horrible, and I can usually do much better the 2nd game. Daisy only won by like three points the last game as I just narrowly missed getting a strike on the last frame. 


  1. Adam, you and Daisy can mark Australia off your list of travel places ( if Australia
    ever was on the list?) as this bowling craze that you both have is really unavailable here.
    I recall in the 1950's to 70's the craze here - all old picture theatres, halls and derelict, unused shopping arcades were converted into ten-pin bowling places - very, very popular and then the craze just stopped - BANG - FINITO!
    I think you could number the times I went bowling on your 10 fingers!!
    Now I don't even know of any bowling alleys anywhere in Brisbane - the last one
    that I knew of is now an indoor/outdoor flower and pot plant nursery!
    B J Hunnicut

  2. Nice picture! We have a bowling place here in our town in Sicily but we haven't been there yet.

  3. Looks like fun! I've thought about going bowling, but never have gotten around to trying. A lot of times it's the same way for me at chess tournaments though: I lose terribly the first game, draw the second, win or draw the third, and by the last game I feel ready to beat anyone...

  4. I love bowling, it is so fun ! Very nice photo. Have a great weekend ! :)

  5. Maybe you will be luckier next time Adam!

  6. No matter the winner, you shared time together. That is what is important. Best wishes for a great holiday to you both.

  7. I have not been bowling in years. Sorry that Daisy beat you---that's a bit hard on the happy for Daisy!

  8. Way to go Daisy! I haven't been bowling in a while. I should make a date night with friends and see how well I still play.

  9. Good for Daisy! And as long as you both had fun.