Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fact of the Day: Great Australian Sea

Charles Sturt among other explorers believed that a giant river or even perhaps a sea was in roughly the middle of Australia. The idea of it was one of the reasons for so much European interest in Australia, but no explorer found the great sea as it doesn't exist. 


Huggybear said...

Certainly doesn't Adam, but that was the theory way back in the early 1980's and many an explorer died trying to find it.
However in the wet season and the rivers from northern Qld flooding - Lake Eyre does resemble an "Inland" sea and a mecca for bird wildlife.
Here is the link for those interested.

Aerial flights are available for sightseers from Adelaide, SA.
The small planes can land on basic airstrips and the larger ones just circle very low for photographers.
Lake Eyre even has a "YACHT CLUB" - when it is full. Quite a novelty. Wouldn't it be funny if this club had reciprocal rights with the New York Yacht Yacht Club, Newport, Rhode Island - funnier things have been know to exist!!! Ha ha
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Kay said...

What would they have done if there really was one?

Christine said...


Huggybear said...

Well Kay there wasn't so no-one had any worries.
Read the link for information, please.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Margaret D said...

Definitely no inland sea in Australia.
As Colin says, in the wet and Lake Eyre...many things come to life..

Kati said...

Interesting how the rumor evolved!

Have a great week,

Martha said...

That is quite interesting

Pat Hatt said...

Maybe the aliens filled it in?

Cranky and Difficult said...

So you're saying he believed that a river runs through it? Are you sure this isn't the premise of a Brad Pitt movie?

stephen Hayes said...

I wonder why they were looking for such a sea. Where did they think it would lead? They already had a path to India and China.

Sakuranko said...

That is so weird and interesting!

DEZMOND said...

The Ozies would certainly love the have a sea there :)

Huggybear said...

Because when the Blue Mountains were crossed in 1813 and the inland was to be opened up for farming, the explorers were fascinated to see all rivers/creeks running WEST - as Australia is the smallest continent in the World and the largest island - it was though back then that MAYBE there was an INLAND SEA.
The world does have some virtually land-locked seas - eg' THE BLACK SEA !!! etc and then a narrow pass into either in the case of Australia - the Southern, the Indian or Pacific Oceans.
Go look at a bloody map of MY wonderful country, your eyes "might" be opened.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Huggybear said...

We are surrounded by seas, mate.
I think we have enough beaches to please us all.

So a real "Inland" sea, like the Black Sea running by a small opening - the Dardanelles into the Mediterranean Sea, also landlocked except thought the Straits of Gibraltar and the man made canal (Suez) into the Red Sea. So "presumed" inland seas are not really a novelty,
I believe all have narrow access into the oceans of the World.
I should imagine that you Dezmond would know of the significance of the Dardanelles on World historical events. You obviously being from the Balkans.
I think Adam is doing a great job TRYING to enlighten
his readers and should be commended.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Fundy Blue said...

Good point, Colin!

Fundy Blue said...

I, for one, am glad that explorers ventured out chasing their theories and dreams. They opened up the world, even if they were misguided at times. Thanks for the info, Adam!