Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fact of the Day: Sea Lake

While Lake Superior is a true lake, its waters behave more like an in-land sea than a typical lake. 


  1. A very interesting fact, Adam.
    It got me to look it up - I actually have sailed on it and I wasn't sea sick!!!

    With the size - same area as your state, South Carolina or if you prefer Europe - then Austria, the size is really amazing.
    I suppose when storms occur and it has waves of 6 metres in height, then you could do surf board riding!
    That would be something to see so far inland from the ocean.
    Cheers - good, interesting fact - well done.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  2. Lake Superior is doing honour to its name!
    Beautiful, interesting post.
    Happy Holidays and Happy 'Sailing' in(to) the New Year.
    Greetings from The Netherlands,


  3. That sounds wonderful. Nature does some amazing things

  4. like some of the big sea/lakes in Russian part of Asia

  5. Just wants to be contrary I guess

  6. I've read that the great Lakes contain one seventh of all the fresh water on Earth. I wonder if this is true.

    1. That could be possible Stephen.
      When you take in ALL the lakes of that Canadian/USA system, it is a great volume of water.
      B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  7. Very nice photo! One of these days I hope to visit the Great Lakes.