Sunday, December 27, 2015

Funny Story: No Nap Time

Like our beloved cats and dogs, people often nap even if they have a full night's sleep. I am not one of those people. I have never really taken a nap on purpose. My mom even says I never really took naps when I was a baby/toddler. I hated nap-time in kindergarten. They'd get out these little foam mats and they'd turn off the lights. I don't recall ever falling asleep. I'd just close my eyes or just look around until nap time was over. 


  1. But nap times are the best!!!!! :D

  2. Your kindie nap story had me laughing. Fortunately they didn't do that at the school I taught. I think it would have been better to send the kinds outside to run around. I'm not a good napper. I have to be really tired before I can nap, and it always turns into several hours, messing up my sleep at night. I envy people who can fall asleep in a moment and wake up fifteen or twenty minutes later refreshed! Cute photo of a puppy. Have a good one, Adam!

  3. What a cute photo. I take naps because my body has to, but given the choice, I'd rather keep playing and working.

  4. I'm with you, not a nap person either!!

  5. Back in my school days, we did not have nap time. Trust you and DAISY had a LOVELY Christmas.

  6. Unheard of when I attended kindergarten, only came into
    "vogue" here, I think in the last 20 years.
    I would think that 99% of kids would prefer to be outside (weather permitting) and playing, and then permitting weather or not, in snow and rain - probably 80% would enjoy having snow fights or puddle jumps!
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin
    Sydney / Hobart:
    US "Comanche" despite multiple damages - all bandaged up!,
    just leads from the other US entrant, "Rambler 88", and then
    coming in on a further out to sea track is the Italian yacht,
    "Maserti" and the veteran Aussie maxi - "Ragamuffin 100".
    Over 1/4 of the fleet retired due to the seas and structural damage - not a race for the "faint hearted".
    The "line winter" is expected to cross the finishing line on the Derwent River at Constitution Dock, Hobart about 2.00 am
    Tuesday ( Australian time).

  7. Some kids nap more than others and I suspect it goes right into adulthood. I almost never nap.

  8. Yeah, I never had a nap-time in my childhood, while all my friend had. I've preferring to play with the toys, draw etc while that time;)

  9. No nap-time for me too ! I hate nap-time ! :)

  10. wait, what? I was napping. Cute pic Adam

    ( '>
    Warm ALOHA to You,


  11. I never cared for napping when I was a kid but I love it as an adult. I think it's the cozying up with a good book that I enjoy most about it.

  12. I don't nap either, but I know people do it when they come home after tiresome working day. The hunger, tiredness, thirst can cause your body to kinda slow down and want some sleep