Monday, December 28, 2015

Question: Are You Color-Blind?

I do not suffer from color-blindness, but I knew a few people that were. I suffer from amblyopia so my vision is far from perfect, but I can see every color on the rainbow. But I do feel bad for those who are color-blind. It must be a dull world they see out there. 

Are you color-blind? 


  1. I know, right? I feel bad for those people who are colour-blind. As someone who loves art, that's kinda heart-breaking, not to see the real beauty of works by artists.

  2. Fortunately I am not colour-blind.
    Like you, two of my sons are 'suffering' from amblyopia; not half as big a trouble as colour-blindness.
    Happy colourful New Year to you and yours!


  3. I have a friend who is colour blind. He can see colours, just not the same way. And it's more colour confused than actually blind (for him), as pinks and grays look the same. But even with that, he was still able to build killer designs on websites.

  4. I just heard my nephew is colour blind, I should double check with him...I do think it's just certain colours they can't see, not all of them, thank goodness.

  5. No
    I do feel so sorry for people who have eye problems
    a terrible affliction to have.
    Well the race for LINE HONOURS in the Sydney/Hobart is over.
    "Comanche" won but is a very battered and bruised yacht and was greeted by adoring cheer squads from the US all dressed up as proud Comanche native warriors - quite a sight to see on TV. I very nice tribute to one of the native races of the USA.
    Now the race in on for Handicap race honours - all yachts are rated on size, sails, speed etc etc. - presently a French yacht seems to have this honour but this won't be known for at least 2 days as yachts are still scattered from Bass Strait to the entrance of Storm Bay on the Derwent River.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin
    PS: Adam - you can read a comprehensive report on Margaret's blog.

  6. My dad and grand dad are colorblind (for two colors). I think it is very difficult.


  7. Fortunately I see all colors!!!

  8. I'm not colour blind, but like you, I suffer from amblyopia (my left eye is the lazy eye). My younger daughter inherited this condition in her right eye but it was corrected when she was young. At the advice of our ophthalmologist at the time, she wore an adhesive eyepatch over her left eye to force her right eye to work. It worked like a charm and she now has perfect vision in both eyes.

  9. I've always wondered how it is for them too

  10. Thankfully I am able to see all colours, and I love colours!