Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fact of the Day: Beer House

The Dutch beer company Heineken once wanted to make their beer bottles in a square shape that could double as a brick. They wanted to do this to reduce waste and help extremely poor areas use the "bricks" to make affordable housing. This plan eventually did not see the light of day. 


  1. Well that is a surprise piece of beer information.
    Heineken is one of the best - served world wide on tap and of
    course in bottles. Heinekin also has control of many SE Asian breweries.
    There is a bar and grill on Union Street in San Francisco which boasts the most beers in the world on tap.
    Not far from the old Sheraton Palace hotel.
    Still here the papers are having a field day - the young maniac in North Korea, Kim Jongsun v's Donald Trump.
    Naturally both are in a bear pit!
    Workplace, health and Safety regulations!
    The "Tea Party" followers would just love the cartoons???
    I would think World wide - who is the most "looney"???
    Now where is my Heineken stubby??
    B J Hunnicut and Hawkeye Pearce Incop.

  2. sounds ingenious! Our most popular bottled water called VODA VODA has a square bottle, won many awards around the globe

  3. I wonder why they didn't go through with it..

  4. Wow, never heard that before. That's very interesting.

  5. Wow what an interesting idea, perhaps before its time.

  6. Poor things, it ought to be square, I suppose it's beer was square.

  7. Never knew that, one crazy idea, but you never know, could have worked.

  8. Now that is an interesting beer fact. I wonder if any of those bottle survive out there in the world. I bet they would be collectable.

    1. Oh never mind, I see they never went through with it. I should read more carefully.

  9. Great and interesting, wonder how that would have turned out. Greetings!

  10. Hello Adam!:)I got to thinking about why Heineken didn't follow through with this idea, and came up with one reason,perhaps drunks could throw them through windows and use them for distructive purposes.Anyway it's a great tasting beer, whatever the shape of the bottle.