Monday, January 4, 2016

Fact of the Day: Executive Order

Virtually every president including George Washington has issued an executive order which mainly gives the president the power to change the way the federal government operates without congressional approval. While President Barack Obama has been severely criticized for making executive orders, he's been the post-WWII two-term president who's made the least number of them with 226. His predecessor George W. Bush had 291, Bill Clinton had 364, Reagan had 381, Eisenhower had 484, and Truman had 907 executive orders.  


  1. Such a nice setting for this "Executive Order".
    Hopefully it was either:
    1. A better "gun control" order
    2. Sending Trump and his misfits to a "Gulag" if Putin will accept to Siberia. They certainly are not coming here or I suspect to Canada, Mexico or really anywhere I can think of.

    Good God - Pres. Barack is left handed - the "Tea Party
    Fanatics" will have a field day - ha ha.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  2. Wow, Truman really went to town.

  3. Interesting. We will miss Obama when his term is over all too soon.

  4. That is quite interesting. I'm curious to see who will be the next president.

  5. Truman
    Nuke Japan?
    '1' for 'yes.'
    '2' for 'no.'
    Incidentally, for what it's worth (and that ain't much), you would think the US could have demonstrated the power of the bomb to Japan by dropping the bomb on some uninhabited island, instead of killing thousands. I realize they only had two of the things available, but still...they could have made more (and did).

  6. Well, Obama has almost another year in office so....we'll see.

    1. I think President Obama under the circumstances of resentment of absolute extremism has done a very good job.
      At least he hasn't landed on a aircraft carrier and announced "Victory" in a war that continues.
      I agree with Kay below.
      Maybe an Executive Order to give Texas back to the
      Mexicans might be a good idea - but the Mexicans would
      baulk at that "generous decree", and don't even think of Justin Trudeau of Canada accepting, Texas as an extra-tellurian "gift"!
      Then again he may bring some sense to Texans???

      Of course President Obama could decree that Trump, Cruz and little Jebbie be institutionalised - but what lunatic asylum would accept them???
      You would be horrified what US tourists are saying here and looking at the papers - here and no doubt everywhere in the World - so Bloody embarrassing for these mostly young people - improving their knowledge of places outside the "4 Square Syndrome".
      Get a life 'bj' - before it is too late.
      B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  7. Obama has been severely criticized by Republicans, but he's truly tried to keep the campaign promises he made and he's fixed our economy. He needs to be complimented rather than dumped on.