Saturday, January 30, 2016

Random Photo: Daisy Food

My wife Daisy's family came from Laos before she was born in Minnesota. Her family are friends with the people who run one of the Asian grocery stores around here. We hadn't been to it since we've been married, but Daisy looked like she was in heaven getting all kinds of snacks and nice things to eat that I never knew existed. 


  1. Oh cool. I hope she introduces you to something exciting!

  2. That is nice as she still has a lot of her heritage plus the states to enjoy.

  3. I'm sure Daisy will improve your culinary intake, as I have yet to meet a person from Asia who can't cook.
    I had three young Nepalese neighbours here and some of the
    dishes that they came up with were classical. One, Prahesh,
    actually was a top class chef and works in a good Asian restaurant here in Chinatown.
    I thoroughly enjoyed my "try this for a sample" exercises!
    Far superior to those Junk food outlets that abound World wide now for the lazy and food stuffer brigade of fatties!
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

    1. Oops - Should read: "Prahesh IS a top class chef."
      I don't think he would like my PAST TENSE - ha ha.

  4. Okay, now, where's the invitation to dinner? I'm waiting!

  5. Okay, now, where's the invitation to dinner? I'm waiting!

  6. Ofcourse Daisy felt like she was in heaven in that store. Not so much because of the 'stuff' available as well as the shared spirit in there, I suppose.

  7. I can only imagine the ways Daisy's culture enriches your life.

  8. Im sure Daisy was sooooo happy :) :)

  9. hope nothing too exotic! I know Indochina has the strangest of tastes when it comes to food

  10. Daisy being happy makes you happy and you'll most likely enjoy the foods that she likes.