Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donald Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

When I first heard this story, I thought it was satire, but it is indeed true. However the Noble Committee gives thousands the chance to nominate someone like an anonymous person (maybe even himself) did for Trump. Other people who had been nominated in a similar fashion include Benito Mussolini and Vladimir Putin. The only way Trump has a chance is if all those at war and in conflicts put down their arms in peace in a united hatred of Donald Trump. 


  1. Ah he is everywhere recently!
    I don't know why everybody hate him, but I remember his little role in Home Alone and also I've reading one of his books and it's pretty good.

    1. Anna
      I think you better come back onto TERRA FIRMA - get off your isolated "Ivory Tower". There is such a thing as "The Real World".

  2. Your last line is inspired, hahahahahaha!

  3. ?????????????????
    You jest.
    Obviously nominated by someone or even himself with a weird sense of humour.
    I bet the judges of the award are having fits of raucous laughter - they may even require medical treatment.
    There is such a disease as "Laughing Sickness" - I hope Oslo has not fallen off the map.
    Enough of these jokes, Adam - what have you been drinking???
    Something stronger than coke I suspect.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  4. I don't think a day goes by that I don't see him in the news. He must be loving all the attention.

  5. It's hard to think of a worse recipient for this award.

  6. A worse recipient for this award is Barack Hussein Obama

    1. For Christ's sake, Mme "bj" or any other religion's sake, get off this anti-Obama crusade.
      You are making a bloody fool of yourself.
      First you try to tell people that Cruz was born in the USA,- he was NOT - Calgary is in Canada, and still is, then your mob have spread lies on the birthplace of Obama. Yep, he had a Kenyan father - but he had a WHITE American mother - from Kansas I believe. She wasn't the best of mothers, his father returned to Kenya when that country got Independence from the controlling country - the British Government or as they liked in those days - the British Empire in decline and disruption.
      His father was not the most principled of persons either. Turned out in Kenya he was a total disaster.
      All I can say is thank God, Barack had loving WHITE grandparents living in Hawaii who were responsible for his welfare and education.
      Yep, he was as a kid educated in Indonesia - his mother worked for the American Government there. He was a kid and initially there were no International Schools in Jarkarta for overseas kids - now there is a big college for the kids of Diplomats and representatives for countries to attend. Get your bloody facts right before showing what obviously is your true colours!
      In 2009 Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize - he didn't win it for doing nothing.
      I have seen more of the USA than you have or will ever see. How many overseas countries have you been to? The world is bigger than BLOODY Texas.

      Thankfully the Australian Press have refrained from printing about this "Trump" nomination.
      Now get a life 'bj" or just plain read your bible in the biles of your bathroom in good old Dallas/Fort Worth.
      Colin - B J Hunnicut would not deign to reply to such nonsense written as above by you.

    2. bj February 5, 2016 at 9:33 AM

      You are the most rude, mean man I've ever met...and we are ALL wrong if we don't agree with your twisted way of thinking.
      I don't give a freakin' flip how many countries you've been to, which, by the way, is totally off the subject, nor did I ever, even ONE time, ask for your opinion. I don't appreciate your attacks on my comments on ADAM'S blog...I find it very amusing that you attack us, but you hide behind Adam's blog and give us no place of your own to contact you....very amusing ...and cowardly.
      I'll thank you to keep your opinions to yourself...or get a blog and spout your mean words there.
      bj, living the good life

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  8. Adam, I'm sorry for the fussing that goes on here on your blog.
    I can't stand by and have Colin tear down every comment I make so I just won't come over and comment anymore.
    In my 16 yrs of blogging, I've never run across anyone like Colin. He is mean spirited and ugly and I don't intend to take it anymore. I can't decide if he is really a man...or a woman that hates the world.
    So sorry for all this.
    Love to you and Daisy...

    1. 1. I am 100% male.
      2. I endeavour to assist people in trouble - thus I am most caring.
      3. I am do not hate the world - I strive to make the world a better place for all with tolerance to all.
      4. I did have a blog but got rid of it because of the ridiculous comments on the photos and subject matter, which were only showing people liked to see their names and read NOT one word or in some cases didn't even look at the photos correctly - I won't go into the examples.
      5. And I research subject matter if I am unsure of anything.
      Now you have " a bex, a drink of water and a good lie down" - say a prayer if you like and recover.
      Yours most cordially

  9. He's got to have nominated himself. Good grief!