Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fact of the Day: Terrible Shark

While sharks don't often attack humans (especially in comparison to how they are depicted in fiction) the most common shark to do so is the great white shark. Tiger sharks and bull sharks are also known to be a common cause of attacks on humans.  


Huggybear said...

Adam - I realise that Spartanburg is a bit inland and you appear to not be a surfer. OK?
Let me tell you - all three of the above mentioned are all around Australia - we are an island CONTINENT!
Please note American readers - Austria is not us - it is in Europe and these days it is land-locked!
That is a geographical fact.
1. Bull sharks like estuaries and canals - but people living on these canals are fully aware of the dangers.
Sharks are mostly on the hunger binge at dawn and dusk.
That is a another FACT. Swimming dogs are known to disappear if not controlled - the canals are SHARK TERRITORY.
2. Tiger sharks and the Great Whites are ocean sharks - and for the uninformed - the ocean is fish and shark domain.
Signs are out up on beaches World wide - here in numerous languages - so if you DON'T read the signs - good luck to the sharks - they will have you for breakfast or dinner.
Nearly all beaches here have shark nets but that doesn't mean that sharks are kept out - it is quite simple really, how do you protect a whole beach from what point to point.
Do you put up signs for the sharks???? Not allowed here, but swim to the end of the beach and come in there???
I am pretty sure that sharks and humans don't speak the same language.
To conclude - Humans: read signs and IF you follow the rules and you will be safe - some humans are a life saver's " Cross of Lorraine". Oh the "C of L" is French.
I am pleased to report that no sharks have been found in the River Seine up at Paris but the Seine is rather polluted.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

Margaret D said...

Adam, we even have sharks in areas surrounding Tasmania.

Huggybear said...

Tasmania is the large island state south of Victoria where bushfires are presently playing havoc in the pristine forest wildernesses which attracts the hiking fraternity and nature lovers.
You make sure you don't fall overboard from a ship in Bass Strait - the waterway between Tassie and the mainland. A great white might just be waiting to swallow you.
Like the saying - "Just one gulp and you're gone".

Pat Hatt said...

They want to prove they are really Greeeeaaaat! lol

Martha said...


stephen Hayes said...

Sharks have so much more to fear from us than we do from them. Many species of sharks are on the verge of extinction from being killed by humans for food and sport.

happyone said...

I sure wouldn't want to encounter any of them. : )

bj said...