Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Question: Do You Consider Yourself Strong?

I don't mean super-human strong, or even "I can lift 200lbs strong". I think I have adequate strength (especially for my build) which wasn't always true for me. I think being a vegetarian since I was seven, gave me a disadvantage in terms of body strength, so I was one of the weakest kids. I don't really go to the gym and if I do I like running instead of lifting weights. But most of the jobs I've had in my life required some heavy lifting (for work anyway) from time-to-time. My current boss is a woman, and when something heavy needs to be lifted she calls me "muscles" and tells me to lift it for her. Though I know my strength is pathetic against those people who lift weights every chance they get.

Do you think you are strong (enough)?


  1. I'm not strong, ever since breaking my arm it's been really rough getting my strength back.

  2. No very strong. But strong enough for the things I need to do.

  3. I was probably stronger when I was younger, but I don't consider myself weak.

  4. Replies
    1. No surprise there!
      The brain cells are not too bright either.

  5. Nooo I'm not strong at all!!! That's why I married my own muscles. Lol I kid I kid.

  6. I'm not really strong, but I am strong enough to do whatever I need to do.