Saturday, February 6, 2016

Question: Who Are You Rooting For in Super Bowl 50?

Super Bowl 50 is tomorrow night with the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos. I live about 90 minutes away from Charlotte, so I'm totally wanting the Carolina Panthers to win. They've had their best season ever this year, and I don't think the Denver Broncos will stand much of a chance. I think the only real weakness for Carolina is them possibly getting over-confident, but even they shouldn't underestimate the Bronco's defense. 

What's your Super Bowl team this year? 


  1. I don't watch football so I won't be rooting for either team.

  2. Thanks for the warning as I had forgotten.
    The game here is on Monday morning - shown live on TV's in bars and clubs - seems to go on forever with all the "huddles".
    That means the Grand Central Hotel on the street level below the towering Sofitel Hotel will be "Packed to the Rafters" with American young people! The "GC" does a roaring trade - I reckon every US tourist in Brisbane is out in force having the time of their lives - raucous indeed! Good for them.
    Some who are more serious about the game and not the drinking part that accompanies it, are in the Harlequin Club at the Sofitel where I drink. I shall thus be prepared for back slapping activities. So as I have friends in Colorado I shall have to barrack for the Broncos.
    Anyhow the Brisbane Rugby League team is called the Brisbane Broncos so I guess "Go the Broncos".
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  3. I didn't even know who was playing!! : ) No football fans at my house.

  4. Probably the Panthers even though I mostly watch for the commercials.

    1. Stephen - surely you jest - "watch for the commercials??"
      That is when I fill up my liquid refreshments or take a race to the small room for a "you know what".
      No you definitely JEST?????

  5. Should be an interesting game, but I am with you, the Panthers are a younger team and have the advantage.

  6. Not a fan, hope your team wins for you! I should check out some of the commercials they are usually fun.