Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fact of the Day: King Manuel II

King Manuel II was the last King of Portugal who took the throne after his father was assassinated. His reign only last about two years when a revolution ousted him from power in 1910. He was exiled to Great Britain where he eventually passed away in 1932. 


  1. If viewers take the time to read about King Manuel 11 of Portugal, you may come to the same conclusion as I.
    He was too progressive for this era.
    Really a shame that his progressive ideas were too advanced
    for that period.
    B J Hunnicut aka Colin

  2. I've never even heard of him before now.

  3. You are good with this, never heard of him.

  4. He's also a new name to me!


  5. I've never came across his name in school nor books. that's odd. anyway, sometimes, having a royal blood is not as nice as it sounds.

  6. First I've heard of him too. He got tossed out pretty fast.

  7. He didn't even really have a chance to do anything with a reign that short...too bad.

  8. Being Portuguese, I'm well aware of him, and Huggybear is right about him being too progressive for his times.

  9. We did visit the Queluz and Sintra Palaces in Portugal and saw that their lifestyle was as extravagant as the French royalty.

    1. I trust you also visited Sandringham and Balmoral in the UK??? Pretty opulent to the extremes also.
      Prince Charles and "horseface ie Camilla" reportedly have 750 lackeys - even one to put toothpaste on HRH's toothbrush and the old Queen Mother never knew what an iron was for.
      The only royals at present with the common touch are the Danes, the Norwegians and the Swedes, with the Dutch and Belgians on the improve.