Monday, March 21, 2016

Fact of the Day: Lodge and JFK

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. was a Republican who was a Senator representing Massachusetts who lost his seat to John F. Kennedy.  He later ran in the 1960 presidential election as the running mate for Richard Nixon who lost to JFK. 


Huggybear said...

What are you getting at mate?
Nixon/Lodge lost. End of story.

Margaret D said...

He lots all around then.

Martha said...

I've never heard of him.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I remember the name but that's about it.

Christine said...

He kept losing to JFK his nemesis

Pat Hatt said...

Bet he was cursing JFK more than a bit.

Jax said...

Thats a lot of losing to Jfk!

Huggybear said...

I recall Cabot Lodge very well from the Vietnam war days as JFK and then LBJ appointed him as Ambassador to the then South Vietnam government and what a failure he was.
He did speak fluent French and was somewhat of a WW2 military hero, as the French rewarded him with one of their highest decorations for his services with a French army before and after the Liberation of Paris.
Nixon appointed him to the Paris Peace Negotiations
before the Viet Minh or Cong ( Take your pick) stormed
Saigon for total victory.
History records that the Cabot Lodges did not have a good record in public elections against any of the Kennedy family. See "Wiki" for further information.
B J Hunnicut aka Colin

stephen Hayes said...

He was quite influential in his day.

Huggybear said...

He and his family most certainly were, Stephen.
His influence on affairs was like an octopus with
too many tentacles!

bj said...
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bj said...

i love your blog, adam...and i enjoy reading all your fine facts but i sure am having a hard time being nice...but, i am trying...i just don't think it's fair for one person to stand in my way of enjoying your blog so.....i'm trying.