Monday, March 21, 2016

Things I Like: Big League Chew

During recent years, most of the gum I get is mainly to freshen my breath. But I used to chew Big League Chew bubble gum all the time as a kid especially during baseball games. Every once in awhile, I'll see some and get it. It's the "funnest" gum I can remember, and is as sweet as a peice of candy. 


  1. I chew them very rarely...
    This one has a cool design!

  2. I just got a bag of candy for the candy bowl and there were lollipops with Big League Chew bubble gum in the center of them. 2 candies in one.

  3. Never seen this brand in Canada but the best gum for blowing bubbles when I was a kid was Double Bubble.

  4. Goodness Adam, remove Singapore from your future travel
    adventures - gum is taken off you at customs entry.
    Gum or any sort is TABOO and can land you in jail and with
    a hefty fine. Singapore is a GUM FREE city state.
    PS: I detest gum so I would make a good Singaporean -ha ha.

  5. I remember chewing gum like this when I was a kid, and collecting the baseball cards.

  6. I loved blowing bubble gum bubbles as a kid! You brought me back to a happy childhood!

  7. I used to love this gum as a kid. I thought the stringy pieces were kind of fun.

  8. our kids, grands and now, great-grands LOVE this gum