Friday, April 22, 2016

My Favorite Photos: Downtown Spartanburg

 The Hejaz Shrine Circus came to town in April this year, and we got to the auditorium rather early. Parking and the parking lot can be a nightmare at times, so I always want to get in there stress-free. It's located on the edge of downtown Spartanburg, so Daisy and I decided to walk down to the library. It was only a twenty minute walk, but Daisy complained a little. We never get much chance to exercise, especially for Daisy so this was a way for her to get a good walk.
But I like walking downtown because you get to see things you never get much chance to see while driving by. It always has many neat water fountains.


LV said...

Walking is good for all of us. I need to do more and will since it is yard mowing time.

bj said...

I don't walk as much as I should..summertime is better ..hate walking in the cold.

Huggybear said...

Walking is good for you. I walk nearly everywhere these days.
That's medical advice from my doctor!
If young people don't walk, they'll rue the day when they get take a friendly warning.

stephen Hayes said...

I've begun walking every day and I feel really good lately.

Christine said...

Walking is great exercise!

Martha said...

Walking is a great thing to do! Aside from the exercise, you can explore the area. Lots of fun!

Jeanneke said...

Since I can't walk due to pelvis problems, I prefer bike riding and oh, how I love that!
I pull my bike out every day for a 30 minutes ride and once a week I do a 18 kilometre's ride to my grandchildren through the very flat but beautiful in every season countryside.
So healthy for body and mind (and purse).